This is an attempt to draw the family tree over the Uddeborg family. Since the graphics available in pure HTML are limited, to put it mildly, it becomes some primitive text graphics. I hope it at least is intelligible in your browser.

                        ┌───Göran───────┐   │
                        │               ├───┼───Agneta
                        │   Eva-Britt───┘   │
                        │                   └───Ulrika
Per-Göran "Pelle"───┐   │                   ┌───Lucas
                    ├───┼───Kjell───────┐   │
Lucia───────────────┘   │               ├───┼───Avalina
                        │   Danette─────┘   │
                        │                   └───Isabella
                        └───Martin──────┐   ┌──Smilla
                            Nina────────┘   └──Elmina

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