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While I believe it to be generally understandable, my English is not perfect, I'm aware. If you find any awkward wordings, or outright errors, in this document, you are welcome to send me a comment.


I was born in Täby, north of Stockholm, Sweden while the sixties were still very young. Much later, I am as handsome as can be seen in the picture close by. Picture of me, 33kB JPEG.

I lived in Täby with my parents father and mother until I was about to start school. Also part of the family was my oldest little brother Kjell who is two years younger than me.

When I was seven years old we moved to Lerum, where I lived most of my adolescence. During these years I had a second little brother, Martin. When I eventually moved from my parents, I first lived a few years in Täby again. I worked there, but my fiancée, who is now my wife, did not want to move to Stockholm. So after having discussed our future for some time, I moved back to the Göteborg area. This time I landed in Ytterby in the municipality of Kungälv, north of Göteborg. I live there now together with my wife Eva-Britt and my daughter.


The first nine years I went to school in Lerum. When it was time to choose for the next level (gymnasiet in Sweden) I had found things like mathematics and natural sciences to be fascinating. So I went the the school of natural sciences at Munkebäcksgymnasiet in eastern Göteborg. (There was no such school in Lerum at the time.) During this time I encountered a computer for the first time. After the three years in that school, and after the compulsory military service, i went to Chalmers University of Technology where I studied Engineering Physics and in particular computer science. I stayed at Chalmers after graduating and took a Licentiate degree at the department of Computer Science and Engineering.

Professional life

My job has been to program computers. Disregarding summer jobs during school holidays, my first job was as a consultant for Enea Data, in the Unix-group existing at the time. I began on a part-time basis while I still was at Chalmers. When I left Chalmers, I continued at Enea full time.

As I mentioned above, I moved back to Göteborg after some time in Stockholm, and found a new position at SISU. I worked in the department for computer aided software engineering, and participated in a number of projects developing tools. But SISU got short of money, and closed down their department in Göteborg.

After that I found a job with Carlstedt Elektronik. This quite interesting company were developing processors using completely new principles for how computers work. And also the associated software. I believe it could have become something very good, if the project had been finished. But the management trends shifted, and the new slogan was back to basics. The project was canceled, and the company closed down.

I then moved to, and currently I work at, Jeppesen, or Carmen as it was named at the time. The company had at the time just left Volvo and become an independent company. (This too was probably an effect of the back to basics trend.) The products from the part of the company where I work are resource planning tools, in particular for airlines. My current role involves build infrastructure and enabling devops.


My spare time usually passes quickly. It started in particular after I became owner of a house and later father. That is not to say that I regret either, quite the contrary! I work part-time, which I began in order to be at home with my daughter a few days extra each week. Even if she now have moved out I continue to work part time in order to maintain our home and help elderly relatives.

But the lack of time doesn't mean I don't have other interests any more. And occasionally I find some time for them, at least some of them.


As should be obvious from the above, I am interested in computers. Not only at work, but also in my spare time, when I can choose myself what to do. But that does almost never mean I'm playing games on them. My favourite system is Linux. I avoid Microsoft Windows.

As often as possible I use Open Source. Though small, I try to make a contribution myself. When I find errors or deficiencies, I don't just send a complaint, but try to find the problem and suggest a solution. I also participate, and coordinate, in the group for translating messages to Swedish. That is the Swedish branch of the Free Translation Project.

On my own computers I preferably run the Linux distribution Fedora. I think I also can count myself part of the Fedora community since I package a few packages for the distrbution, translate there too, and participate in testing coming releases.


The reason for not playing games on the computer is not becuse I don't like playing games. I do enjoy it, and try to get a chance to do it once in a while. Playing on the computer feels very plain compared to the real thing. So the few times I have a chance to play, I try to find some friends to play with. I play both role playing games and advanced boardgames. Once a year I can be seen at the GothCon games fair.

My favourite game is Dungeons & Dragons. In my youth I led a longer campaign, which was interrupted when life came in between. Recently I have started a new under the name The Return of Invincible Chivalry and Heroism. During pandemic it has been on hiatus, but I hope to continue as soon as possible.

Economy and stocks

I find stocks and economy in general interesting too, and is some kind of a hobby for me.

I do enjoy buying some stock from time to time, and to follow how the company develops. I'm not a day-trader, trying to guess which stock will be hysterically bought for no good reason during the next few hours. Rather I'm looking for a company with a business I believe in, and a price which is good considering what I think about the future of the company.

Coins and stamps

Another way of collecting money is to collect old coins, which I also find amusing. A few times each year I spend some time on that. I am also somewhat interested in stamps, but it is several years since I last had any time for that.

Model railroads

Model railroads are fun. I have never had any myself, and to be realistic I never will. It is too far down on the priority list. But the interest is there, and I like to go and visit constructions that are open for visits.


I am a member of a number of organisations, and I believe that too tells a bit about me

I have a public key for PGP encryption for the interested. Anybody who wants to are welcome to sign it! It is an RSA key.

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